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  • Wisteria floribunda yae-kokuryu

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Wisteria floribunda yae-kokuryu has the darkest violet/blue double flowers of any Wisteria. These hang in long, pendant racemes up to 50cm in length. Floribundas, with their extra long blooms are better suited to growing on an arbour or pergola, as opposed to against a wall, so that the flowers will hang freely from overhead. Sometimes the flowers are followed by large velvety, runner bean-like seed pods.
Wisteria can be grown as a standard tree with a spreading, weeping crown of foliage and flowers.

Violet blue double flowers appear in pendant-like clusters from late spring through to early summer. Delicately fragranced, you can often smell a nearby Wisteria before you even see it! The stunning flowers are sometimes followed by velvety seedpods which add interest to the garden when other plants are starting to fade. 

This vigorous deciduous climbing shrub is perfect for training over a sunny wall, or left to elegantly hang from a sturdy pergola or arch. May require some initial support when training over walls or fences. They also make a striking statement when left to scramble through well-established trees and shrubs. To get the best floral display, prune in mid-summer after the flowers have faded and once again in mid-winter.

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