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  • Olive tree half standed tree form

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  • Pot Size : 12ltr
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1 x Olive tree half standard.tree form  Approx. 2+metre tall above pot. Olea europea

This half standard olive tree .

  • Overall height about 200-350cm above soil
  • Winter hardy 

The olive tree is an iconic plant which is ideal for a sunny, sheltered spot. The olive tree retains its silver-grey leaves all year and, in the summer, it produces tiny, fragrant, creamy-white flowers.

This olive tree can be planted in a pot, or in the ground as long as it has plenty of sun and is planted in free draining soil.

To care for your olive tree, water it regularly during dry periods (especially if it is kept in a pot!) and apply a general fertilizer 2 times per year, during the spring and summer.  You can prune this plant to keep it shaped.

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